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Neal Naito, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer, Director of Business Development, and


Dr. Naito received both his medical and master in public health degrees from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland. He retired as a Captain and Director of Public Health from the United States Navy Medical Corps in 2011 after almost 30 years of service. He is an experienced biotech and healthcare entrepreneur who has worked with Dr. Kubek over the past several years to commercialize intranasal delivered nanoparticles containing thyrotropin releasing hormone to treat neuropsychological disorders associated with military combat. Previously he sold a cord blood stem cell harvesting company he started to a major pharmaceutical company. His background in public health, occupational medicine, military medicine and internal medicine allows him to push innovation in all areas of medicine, from drug R&D to healthcare delivery.  He has senior-level experience in executive decision-making, policy development, strategic business planning, Congressional relations, financial and personnel management, research and development, and military healthcare.

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